About Us

We are what we believe we are (C.S. Lewis)

Something about us

FieldTrust was conceived from the ambitious and deeply rooted idea that we can make business serious in a respectful and human perspective. Since more than a decade, we all share this assumption and constantly try to apply it in our business relationships. Today, we make this credo a reality and share this conviction every single day with all of our partners and customers! And guess what? That rocks!

Full of happiness
Building business relationships

At FieldTrust, we choose to elevate some principles to the highest level. It starts by listening to you, learning from and understanding about your specific activities, objectives and requirements. Then, we represent your interest most faithfully and find the best possible match with our preferred solution partners. Eventually we make sure that you get the most appropriate assistance at every stage of the collaboration.

Brainstorming instead of sleeping
Working with passion