Come and live
the FieldTrust experience

Higher expectations, Closer collaboration, Greater value.

FieldTrust was conceived from the ambitious and deeply rooted idea that we can make business seriously in a respect and human perspective…

" Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes." (B.Franklin)

Business Driven

Added Value Proposition

Thanks to our partner’s and customer’s network, we are keeping informed of the evolving needs. It allows us to select the best products and innovative solutions.

Flexible Sales Approach

Every partner and customer is unique and needs to be treated individually. At FieldTrust we consider each case as a special project and make our best efforts to fit within.

Fast Reactivity

Further to be in direct contact with presales and 2nd-level of suppliers’ support teams, as a partner or customer, you will always have a dedicated FieldTrust Account Manager.

Long-Term Relationships

Our guarantee of success is your long-term satisfaction in our business relationships. We want to represent your best interests anytime and be considered as your trusted partner for the next decades.

If they are not taking care of you, as a partner, we will (inspired by Bob Hooey)


At FieldTrust, we are mostly developing indirect business partnerships with ICT resellers,software editors, integrators and freelance professionals… We granted those partners with dedicated programs and facilities which allow them to address adequately their own customers.